Business Overview

Chow Energy Public Company Limited was established on 9 December 2014 with the fully paid-up registered capital of 570,000,000 THB, and the purpose to do a business as Holding Company by holding shares of various companies running a business related to investment, generation and sales of electricity from various kinds of energy. CHOW STEEL INDUSTRIES PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED is a major shareholder.

The company holds shares in 2 subsidiary companies at 100% ratio of issued and paid-up registered capital, Premier Solution Company Limited: PSCL and Chow International Company Limited: CI

  1. Premier Solution Company Limited or PSCL PSCL has the issued and paid-up registered capital of 20,000,000 THB, and runs a business as consultant of investment, development and operation of renewable energy projects comprehensively both domestically and internationally, by focusing on operation, management and development of photovoltaic power plant, including design, construction and procurement of equipment, along with operation and management which has 3 steps as follows.
    • Development of photovoltaic power plant project
    • Engineering Procurement and Construction: EPC
    • Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring: OMM
  2. Chow International Company Limited or CI CI has the issued and paid-up registered capital of 340,000,000 THB, and runs a business related to investment of photovoltaic power plant project.

The company is still continuously expanding the renewable energy business both domestically and internationally. Currently, Japan is main market for international projects, because it still has high demand for electricity from renewable energy and the company has high potential to expand the business, by running the business in 3 patterns in parallel; Projects invested by the company via subsidiary company, Projects developed in order to be sold to partners, and Projects jointly invested with the partners. From this year, the company will significantly recognize revenue from investment in business, and this will support the performance of the company to grow continuously in the future.

The Light of Tomorrow

Business Model

Chow Energy's business can be categorized in to 3 business model:

  • Turnkey Model - Provide full turnkey service for investors from development, construction management and project operation management
  • JV Model - joint venture with professional investors for any projects
  • Self-invest Model - to serve Chow Energy's goal to be Global IPP